Switchable Adapter


Installing this unique adapter in a bulkhead application allows the end user at any time to switch to another adapter interface, in most cases eliminating the need for hybrid cable assemblies. The user simply selects the desired insert according to connector type and fixes it to the adapter base.

The Switchable Adapter also allows the end user to properly clean and maintain both of the connectors on each side of the bulkhead, as well as the adapter sleeve, without removing the entire adapter from the panel. The adapter is rack-mountable, and features high precision alignment as well as low insertion loss*.

Types available are: FC/PC – FC/PC, FC/APC – FC/APC, FC/PC – SC/PC, FC/APC – SC/APC, and FC/PC to ST/PC. Key users include OEM systems houses and test equipment manufacturers.


  • Telecommunications networks
  • Metro networks
  • CATV Networks
  • Fiber optic test and measurement equipment


  • Switchable adapter interface, eliminating need for hybrid cable assemblies
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High precision alignment
  • Low insertion loss*

Configurations styles available

  • FC/PC to FC/PC
  • FC/APC to FC/APC
  • FC/PC to SC/PC
  • FC/APC to SC/APC
  • FC/PC to ST/PC
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